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The Breakfast Club, then and now.

This is amazing

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That 70’s Show (1998)



there are five frogs staring at me right now

but only one can be america’s next top model

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don’t you ever feel there’s a lot of teenagers out there having the time of their lives they are rich and famous and then there it’s you

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Putting a dinosaur does not make up for it Google Chrome

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winginoverthings asked: Prompt: Arya lighting a cigarette and Gendry bitching at her that she will get lung cancer and die.


"That’s not—Arya.”


"When did you start smoking?"

"Who wants to know?"

"I do, clearly.  Arya—you know that’s bad for you.  You know it’ll kill you, right?”

"Will it?  And here I thought the giant ‘SMOKING KILLS’ warning was just for artistry."

"You’ll get lung cancer.  Or emphysema.  Or throat cancer.  Or tongue cancer.  Also you’ll taste like gross ash and I won’t want that near me, but that’s hardly as important as the dying thing.  I just thought I’d register it.  Since sometimes, you don’t really pay attention to the self-preservation arguments."

"Hey, I pay plenty of attention to the self-preservation arguments."

"Really, now?"

"Yes.  I just don’t take them to heart.  But don’t worry.  I listen to them plenty."

"I can’t believe you’re actually going to put that thing in your mouth."

"It’s not the most dirty thing that’s been in th—"


"You’re really upset, aren’t you?"

Yes!  I am!  You’re going to die.”

"I hardly think one cigarette is going to kill me, Gendry."

"Yes, but it’s the gateway.  Into more.  Which will kill you.  According to science."

"Hey Gendry?"


"Can I tell you something?"

"You’re going to tell me to fuck off and it’s your decision, aren’t you?"

"Well, as a rule, but this time, I was just going to share that this is in fact a chocolate cigarette.”


"Chocolate.  Fair trade too.  Dark chocolate."

"Oh I’m going to kill you."

"I thought you wanted me to stay away from things that would kill me?"

"Oh get over here you moron."


Top 10 reasons to watch Game of Thrones